I had my first baby 9 months ago and was diagnosed with a Grade 2 Cycstocele and Rectocele.  How many times per week should I be performing each workout? Should I do all in one session or just one per day?  Also, I have a tough time feeling the kegel when I am standing – is this normal? I do see my TA pulling in a bit – is that right?

I like to see everyone work through the workout with the purpose of really slowing down and isolating the individual muscles of the pelvic basket.  The first two workouts do this – take your time, because often it can take a couple sessions to get full activation of the muscles and to quiet the ones that like to take over!  Once you feel good about your TA, mulifidi, pelvic floor, adductor, and hip rotator contraction, then you can move on to workouts 3 and 4.  The minimum workout requirement is 3 workouts per week, but if you choose to do one workout per day, that is of great benefit to you.  Beyond that, if you have time to complete more than one workout per day, my recommendation is to keep your 2-step Kegel reps to just 8-10 per day.  This means that if you are going to work through Workouts 1 and 2 on a given day, you would skip the 2-step Kegels on Workout 2.

On your question about the 2-step Kegel being more difficult in standing – Absolutely.  It is much harder in this position due to gravity, but obviously it is the most functional position.  You should see/feel your TA pulling in with your 2-step Kegel so it sounds like you are on the right track.  Perhaps you should perform your first four Kegels lying on your back and then stand for the last four.  This may ensure that you are working the right muscles.

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  1. Hi was just wandering if you do the whole DVD every week day and miss out the 2 step kegel on exercise 2-3-4 which 2 step kegel is best to do lying down/sitting on ball/standing or should you alternate it in different days ? Thank you for this wonderful DVD


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