Tasha Mulligan

Tasha Mulligan: Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer

Tasha is an experienced physical therapist and athletic trainer as well as a mother of three. She has both personal and professional familiarity with the symptoms of a weakened pelvic floor, so she knows firsthand the confusion, fear, and frustration you may be facing. She found that good information is not easily accessible to people at large and therefore many women are willing to accept the changes occurring with their body and the restraints on their activity level. This DVD, designed as she would conduct a physical therapy session, is her effort to educate the millions of women who deserve to know more about their bodies and to give them the tools to resolve those issues.

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Michelle Herbst

Michelle Herbst, MPT, DPT:  Guest Blogger

Michelle is a mother to two active boys and is a skilled orthopedic and women’s health physical therapist with nearly a decade of experience treating urinary incontinence, prolapse and pelvic pain.  Michelle believes that every day is a gift and should be lived to the fullest.

Her passion for treating women’s health physical therapy patients is fueled by helping woman realize they are not alone and their problems warrant skilled attention and rehabilitation.  Michelle’s clinical philosophy is based on providing comprehensive patient education.  She firmly believes that knowledge is power and that empowering the patient will drive the positive changes needed to improve control, function and quality of life.

Liz & Vaiva

Liz Michaels & Vaiva Vaisnys: Co-Founders

Liz Michaels, is a co-founder of and Vaiva Vaisnys is a partner in PT Partners, LLC. Both Liz and Vaiva experienced, first-hand, how hard it to effectively complete physical therapy exercises at home after sustaining several orthopedic injuries. While instructions seemed clear when they worked with their respective physical therapists in the clinic, they both found the stick-figures and instructions written on paper to be less than ideal when trying to replicate and follow the prescribed PT regimen at home. As such, the both play a key role in ensuring that the DVDs that the company develops are developed with the Patient’s point of view and experience in mind. In addition to lending the “patient perspective,”

Liz is responsible for the marketing and operational aspects of the business. Prior to starting this business, Liz has worked in various operational and leadership roles in financial services, academics, and interactive media. She, along with her husband, three children and two puppies live in Chicago and relish all things outdoors.

Vaiva is focused on structuring and implementing the clinical research as well as other activities on the business front. She has a background in Human Resources administration and management and, when not working on this business, she enjoys sailing and exploring museums.