Can you clarify how I should progress through the four workouts you have included on the Hab It DVD?

My minimum recommendation is to do a workout three times per week. This means workout #1 on Monday, workout #1 or #2 on Wednesday, and workout #1 or #2 or #3 on Friday. The speed with which you progress through the workouts depends on your fitness level and your core strength as you begin the program.

For example, immediately following giving birth or if you haven’t worked out much in the past 6 months, I recommend that you begin with workout #1 for the first week, completing this same workout Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Then, if you feel good with that first workout, progress to workout #2 the next week.

Once you have mastered most or all of the workouts, it is a great idea to rotate through the workouts so that you challenge the same muscle groups with a different exercises on different days.

Finally, feel free to complete the workouts more than three times per week. Five times or even seven times per week is fine. However, I do want to caution everyone not to perform more than 8-10 two-step Kegel exercises per day. Doing so can over-fatigue your pelvic floor.

I hope this clarifies workout frequency and progression. Continue to ask questions as they come up so that you can get maximum benefit from our Hab It workout!

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  1. Hi Tasha, I bought your DVD and I was wondering if the exercises are safe to do with a diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles). I gave birth 4 weeks ago and was diagnosed with a stage 2 cystocele as well as the abdominal separation. Thanks!

  2. Kelly,
    These exercises are safe to do with your diastasis recti. You will note that there are no crunches and specific instruction on recruiting your transversus abdominus versus your rectus abdominus. This is important with a diastasis recti. You have just begun your recovery and have a great chance of approximating your abdominals. The key muscle to work is your transversus abdominus.


  3. Hi Tasha,
    Thanks for your response. I have been using the DVD and I love it! The exercises are similar to ones I’ve learned in physical therapy for the prolapse/abdominal separation, but it is much easier and enjoyable to follow along to the DVD than doing the exercises on my own. I also wanted to thank you for sharing your personal story on the DVD. I was quite depressed when I found out about the prolapse and hearing your story at the introduction was the first time I felt hopeful that my condition may improve and that I may be able to run again someday (running was my favorite activity before I became pregnant).
    Thanks again!

  4. Glad the dvd is a good fit for you Kelly! Hope you have begun to read through my blogs as well. You will find some very useful information on various topics that helped not only myself but also my patients.


  5. hi, can you make some recommendations for return to high intensity exercise. i regularly do high intensity step with jump roping. also spin class and weight lifting. i have a mild-mod bladder prolapse. i am 10 weeks post partum and have been doing your dvd for about a week and a half. i am nursing. i am also eager to get my last 15 pounds off! thank you!

  6. Hi Tasha, you state not to do any more than 8-10 two step kegels in a day, so I was thinking that on the days where I do your dvd I shouldn’t really do anymore kegels throught the day should I? Also, on the day where I am not going to be doing your dvd I was going to use my pelvic floor stimulator – if I am using that should I also not do any kegels myself during the day?


  7. Liza,
    I just submitted a blog on the best cardio choices. It will be a perfect read for this question. There is no concrete answer to this question because it will be different for everyone dependent on their symptoms, their strength, their control, and more. Read through my latest blog on cardio choices as soon as it is posted and then I will be happy to answer any specific questions you may have.


  8. Claire,
    You are exactly right – only 8-10 two step kegels each day so resist the urge to overdo! Also, on the days when you are using your stimulator, you can contract and hold with the electric pulse for approx. 10 repetitions. Bringing in a voluntary contraction along with the artificial pulse created by the e-stim unit will be of great benefit.


  9. Tasha,
    THANK YOU for your DVD.

    Question: I’m still a little confused. So you are saying NO MORE THAN 8-10 REPS right? or are you saying 8-10 SETS.

    8-10 reps seems like nothing?!


  10. Anami,
    You are right, just 8-10 reps of the 2 step kegels per day. I’m glad it seems like nothing because there are so many other muscles you also need to focus on. Don’t forget about your TA, your multifidi, your inner thighs, and your deep hip rotators. All of these muscles make up your pelvic basket and need to be worked on a regular basis.
    Qualitly, not quantity will make a big difference in your rehab.



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