After viewing your DVD, I know I was doing my Kegels correctly but I have been doing them lying in bed only.  You have sitting and standing Kegels on the DVD but these are hard for me.  Does it matter if I just do them lying on my back?

Glad you were doing your Kegels correctly! Progressing from supine to sitting to standing is a progression in difficulty as are the exercises in workouts 1 through 4, respectively. Progress only as you are able – meaning make sure you can do them correctly.  Otherwise, you are not ready. The best part about mastering Kegels in the sitting position is that they become a car exercise. Every time I enter my car, I think of posture and Kegels. I usually do them while taking my son to preschool and back, which is great because it fits into my busy schedule!  Then you will progress to mastering the standing Kegel, which is even more difficult, but the most functional. We have to be able to activate our pelvic floors in the standing because- this is the position we are in when we feel the prolapse the most. 

Bottom line, give yourself a 2 week progression to master the standing Kegel. I have no doubt you will.

I have noticed that my legs shake a bit when I do the Kegels lying down.

This is OK.  It means that your muscles/nerves are working so hard to find the right contraction or the right firing pattern. This will subside.

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  1. Great to find your blog Tasha. We are in the UK and currently sell your Hab-it Dvd – I describe it as the best PE Dvd currently available to our customers and we get lots of great feedback.
    I like the idea of linking exercise to a task – such as driving in your car – it is so easy to let regular kegels slip and this is an ideal way to remember and to keep motivated.
    It is great too that viewers can personally ask you questions regarding your strengthening exercises so I will make sure we update this information on our site and when supplying the Dvd.
    Keep kegeling

  2. Stephanie,
    Thank you for your support of the Hab It dvd and the recognition of the overwhelming success that women have had with our program! I am well aware of your Kegel 8 electric stimulator and recommend it to women who are struggling to recruit dormant muscle fibers within their pelvic floor. The women that participate in the discussions on the are a great testament to the success you can have using the Hab It dvd in combination with the Kegel 8! So fantastic to partner with your company and help women. Thanks for your work within Women’s Health!



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