Welcome back to everyone and to me!  I took some time with my family this summer and some time away from my blog, but as school starts, so does my return to regular blog entries.  As the summer comes to an end and we get the kids started within a new school year, it’s a great time to establish a new routine for ourselves.  I love summer because it leads to so many spontaneous workouts for me as I chase my kids around.  But the fall is great too because it brings us back to structure, and since our kids are all starting something new, why shouldn’t we?

Now is the perfect time to set goals for yourself and change up your workout routine – as a matter of fact, let it be your goal to change your workout routine every season.  This is a great way to continue to challenge your body.  Will this fall inspire you to set a goal of strength, endurance, agility, or power?  Ask yourself these questions.  You havet 3 months of great outdoor workout time before winter hits, so use those limestone trails and open fields wisely.  How will you challenge your body this season?

Remember, we must continue to challenge our muscles, our tissues, and our bones to keep them strong.  If you are a runner or swimmer or biker and you go the same pace and the same distance every day, you are certainly making your body more efficient, but at some point you reach a plateau and no longer benefit from “the same.”

“Different” may come in the form of shorter, higher intensity workouts, or more focus on strength and stability exercises.  You can also try new activities like water jogging with an aquatic belt if you are a swimmer, mountain biking if you are a road cyclist, TRX on those nice fall days, or snow shoeing or cross country skiing as winter descends upon us.

We all need to continue to challenge our bodies and our pelvic stability so that we remain strong and IN CONTROL!

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