The positive when facing any challenge can be what you learn along the way.  So what can you learn through the process of regaining control of your pelvic floor?  To begin, you immediately learn about the root of your body.  The pelvis and lower spine form the base of your skeletal system upon which all other building blocks are stacked.  You also learn that there are muscles that enclose the front, back, sides, and floor of your pelvis and lower spine that provide the deepest layer of stability to your body.   Recognizing the importance of each of these muscles that enclose your pelvic basket and how to activate them is the basis of modern day training for injury prevention, helping achieve a balanced body as you age, and training for peak athletic performance.  No matter what your goal, it all starts within the root of your core.  Be thankful that through your prolapse you have found all of these muscles and can now activate your deepest layer.


What else do you gain as you work your way through pelvic floor rehabilitation?  You learn about neutral spine posture, both in sitting and standing positions.  Beyond that, you develop an understanding of the attachment sites of muscles and the advantages of holding your muscles at the perfect length and the perfect tension.  Neutral spine posture does this for you. How awesome that you not only have learned how to find and hold neutral spine but also that you feel the difference it makes in supporting your  pelvic basket.  Without even knowing it, this same neutral spine posture is preventing future back problems, neck problems, shoulder problems, and more.  It allows you to take in deeper breaths with greater rib/lung expansion, it allows for maximum blood flow and nerve conduction, and it limits joint compression forces that can increase dramatically throughout our body when we shift from our neutral spine posture.


So thank you pelvic floor weakness!  We all now know more about healthy muscle activation and posture than we ever did before!
Now that’s positive 🙂

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  1. Thanks, this was very enouraging. I need to get back to my pelvic exercises. 🙂


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