I can hardly contain my excitement. I just sat down with the latest issue of Inside Triathlon (March/April 2010) magazine and came across an article by Torbjorn Sindballe. He was writing about body balance and alignment, and how that can affect race results. I was intrigued because this follows along with my beliefs, as I have written about, how posture can affect the efficiency of our musculosketletal system, our lung expansion, our bone health, our pelvic floor function, and more.

As I continued to read, he addressed something that had completely changed his training: a focus on his deepest core muscles, including his transversus abdominus (TA), his multifidi, and his pelvic floor muscles. I couldn’t believe it. Did I just read that a male, pro, triathalete is stressing pelvic floor strength in his training? As a matter of fact he described two exercises you can find on our Hab-It: Pelvic Floor DVD!

This is so exciting to me because just two years ago as we were working to title our DVD, we were concerned with the lack of recognition of the term “pelvic floor” among women. Were we giving our DVD a name that wouldn’t be easily recognized? But now, look where the exercise world is going – to an awareness of these often forgotten muscles that provide the deepest stability to our spine and pelvis. Sinballe went on to stress that unless we slow down and stress these deepest layers, our larger muscles will take over and operate less effectively and with less efficiency!

So, pat yourself on the back ladies. Your awareness of your body and your pelvic floor is ahead of the curve. I will echo Sinballe’s sentiments that, although it may feel as though we are accomplishing more with bigger, more aggressive exercises, it is the focus on the deepest layers, including our pelvic floor, our transversus abdominus, and our multifidi, that can make a big difference. This difference can keep us continent AND this difference can improve athletic performance!

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