Once you work through all of the workouts featured on our DVD, you will likely find a few that will be your “favorites” and that’s okay. The exercises we like best are the exercises we are most likely to stick with during our busy schedules.

My routine is doing my Kegels in the car while driving. I tend to do my Samuri Squats while in the shower, a balance exercise while brushing my teeth, and then I can usually get a bridging and plank exercise in when I am playing with the kids. Nevertheless, I recommend really learning the exercises thoroughly that are featured on the DVD, making sure to really understand the instructions.  Then you’ll find your own way, and some you will “feel” more than others. 

I think the key for me is that I know all the exercises so well, that they almost pop into my head when I find myself lying on my stomach, or on my side, etc., and that’s when I get in a few repetitions.   The exercises are great not only for your prolapse issues, but also for posture. This is key because, as mothers, we spend a lot of time bending over, hugging, and carrying our little ones which doesn’t bode well for us if the years go by and we do nothing to fight against the effects of gravity. 

So here are my personal favorites to squeeze in on a very busy day:

  • I love multifidi extensions alternated with a glute/heel squeeze
  • I always get in a bridge with adductor squeeze or bridge with alternate leg extension.
  • I alternate the bridge exercise with an advanced plank exercise.

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