This is an entry about the power of positive change.  Often changing just one part of our daily routine will lead to another positive change.  This may be making a change to our posture, a commitment to eating healthier food, or an increase in our activity level.   It’s amazing how great we feel when we get caught up in the momentum of healthy habits.   Instead of looking at this as a daunting task and lifestyle change that needs to be done all at once, just start with your posture and let the positive changes begin.

In the physical therapy world we often talk to patients about breaking the negative pain cycle that many fall into.  The pain cycle works like this:  pain leads to inactivity, which leads to weakness, which leads to dysfunction and more pain, which of course leads to continued inactivity and even more weakness and pain.  The reality is that we can spiral into a healthy cycle just as we can this negative pain cycle.

With positive changes, we can gain momentum one step at a time, building on healthy habits.  The cycle of positive change may look like this:   Holding “good” (neutral spine) posture can lead to increased muscle activation, which leads to greater energy and increased activity, which can lead to healthier food choices, viewing food as fuel for your healthy body, which leads to feeling better about yourself and more consistent activity level with positive body changes, which will lead to more consistent healthy eating habits, activity, better posture, and so on.

You may think it is crazy to say that if you focus on holding optimal neutral spine posture throughout your day, in both sitting and standing positions, that this will lead to healthier eating habits, but I dare you to try!  Review my postural instruction on YouTube
and my blog as a starting point.  The healthy changes to follow will all benefit your pelvic muscles and their function.

As a starting point, focus on your posture from morning until night for one week and give us your feedback.  Posture is a powerful change and an easy one to start with, so start today!

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