My reason for following your program seems to be different than most. At age fifty I developed grating pain in my right lower quad plus urinary frequency and urgency. My gyne gave me Ditropan XL and then a succession of other drug samples to increase my bladder capacity. I was instructed to limit my fluid intake before bedtime and cut down on caffiene. As my symptoms were only getting worse I went to a urologist and my cystoscopy did not indicate cystitis but I was sent to a urologist who specialized in cystitis anyway. She told me I was lucky that I didn’t actually have cystitis and sent me to women’s health PT. This was helpful and I received a lot of education including internal digital manipulation and a series of exercises and my pain level decreased but not the urinary urgency and frequency. I am already fifty three or four by now and am finding my lifestyle significantly changed because of needing to find a bathroom everywhere even for a two hour movie or a one hour church service. It gets embarrassing. Keep in mind I have never had incontinence so I always felt like I was about to burst at 250ccs! I am a rehab nurse so I finally sought out a female physiatrist and she prescribed vaginal diazepam suppositories. I could immediately feel my pelvic floor relax at the base with the use of the suppository but it did not last for any significant period of time. She also sent me back to women’s health PT with a therapist who had a lot of success. After a few weeks of physical therapy, I was actually getting more pain again and the PT recommended I get some meds for pain relief. So the doc prescribed Neurontin and sent me to yet another female urologist who did an internal exam and took some measurements and told me that the abdominal muscles were weak and wanted me to go back to PT. I had urodynamic studies, spinal xrays and hip xrays, abdominal ultrasounds, a CT scan and an MRI to look for urethral diverticuli. I took meds to expand my bladder, reduce my spasms and control my pain. I searched online and thought I had pudendal neuropathy because of the stabbing like pain, some numbness and tingling and my history of bike riding. The only diagnosis I can get from any of the docs is for pelvic floor dysfunction. I found out there is a slight hamstring tear in my right leg. I went to a pain clinic and the doc told me he could give me a hip injection because there is a right posterior femoral head neck junctional offset and maybe this would help me but he had no idea of what to do for pudendal neuropathy or how to diagnose this. I bought Heal Pelvic Pain by Amy Stein and added some of those exercises with my PT ones. I read A Seat on the Aisle. I tried yoga and some of the exercises would help my pelvic floor. I kept seeking and hoping and praying.
ONE DAY a little over a year ago,I was buying something on line when your DVD caught my attention. And after the thousands of dollars spent by my insurance and myself on tests, MD visits, PT visits and drugs I thought I could spare twenty bucks. I started getting results the first week of doing the exercises. And today a little over a year later at age fifty seven, I have no pain and there is no pressure against my bladder anymore. I can go about my day without having to run to the bathroom before or after meetings at work. I can go on trips and outings without stress or embarrassment. Sometimes my bladder capacity is better than my husband’s. I weaned off the Neurontin about four weeks after I started your program and I only had one slight relapse when I neglected to do the exercises on a regular basis. For me, it seems to work if I can do at least the TA exercises when I can’t get a full workout. (Not that any of the workouts take a lot of time!) I have been wanting to write to talk about this success but almost feel that I will jinx the magic of being pain free and sleeping a full six hours without getting up to go to the bathroom! I am getting my bike out for a tune up and may try some short rides to see how it goes. TASHA, I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!!! Keep me posted if you do any more research on women with my type of history or how this works out with the aging process.


I just wanted to say thank you. I had a large baby and notice my prolapse just 2 weeks after delivery. I was devastated when I first went on the internet and saw the horror stories of lifelong incontinence, discomfort, and worst of all (for me) an end to my running.

Then I found your site and bought the DVD. At 6 weeks, my prolapse is rarely noticeable, and while my body is healing on its own at this point, I credit your DVD to speeding the process.

Most importantly, your DVD gave me the ability to be proactive and feel that I had some control over my prolapse. I have no doubt that, in time, I’ll be back to running, and for that, I cannot thank you enough.

Lindsay, new mom

Thanks for creating the Hab-it program! I am 61 and was experiencing stress incontinence (gradually worsening across the past 5+ years) which had progressed to the point where I was wearing medium pads on a continuous basis. They were getting wetter by the day, and I decided it was time to do something about it. I did not want surgery or drugs, so on the recommendation of my doctor, I made an appointment with a local women’s health therapist who utilized biofeedback with me and got me started on an exercise program (that was about 7 weeks ago). About 4 weeks into that, I found your program on my own, ordered it via Amazon and started using it as soon as it arrived to complement the exercises the therapist had given me.
Your videos are easy to follow and I love the fact that I can pop in the DVD and just follow along. The exercises that you recommend in the videos are also far more comprehensive than the ones the therapist started me on. I am very getting positive results, but still have leakage during more strenuous situations. I want to continue to build strength in my pelvic floor so that I have less (or no) issues and expect to continue these exercises for the rest of my life to keep my pelvic floor in better condition than it was. I only wish I had started sooner, but at least I am on the right track now!
My therapist had no additional advice (and no advanced exercises) for me other than to keep doing what I am doing, so she did not recommend any additional sessions, but she invited me to give her a call or make another appointment if I had questions or ran into challenges. I brought your DVD to my last session with her, and she was very impressed with what I had to say about it. I am quite sure that she is going to order a copy.

Encouraged 61 y/o

I gave birth to my son 2.5 yrs ago, and had a traumatic delivery. He was born in the posterior position (sunny side up) and I had grade III lacerations both internally & externally. I have had urinary incontinence and numerous pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms ever since. In the past year I have taken up Zumba classes (which I love) and have gotten to a point that I thought I would have to quit for fear of losing total control of my bladder during class (I already was wearing a panty liner b/c of leakage). I came across your DVD after spending countless sleepless nights googling pelvic floor dysfunction. I have only had the program for 2 weeks and can already tell that this is doing amazing things to rehab my poor destroyed pelvic floor! You are literally an answer to my prayers, before this I feared that at 31 years old I was going to need major reconstructive surgery to repair all of the damage. I now for the first time in 2.5 years have hope that my body can function & feel back to normal again. I cannot thank you enough for developing a program like this, I think it should be given to every single pregnant/post partum person as part of their routine OBGYN care. I look forward to the next 4 weeks and seeing even more improvement, words can’t express what a relief this is and how much you have helped me.


I recently purchased your DVD off of AMZ began using immediately with results the first day (if I can make that claim) I sneezed and nothing came out. Not even a lil dot of wetness. How can it work so fast? I am of short stature, when I had my son he weighed almost nine pounds for someone of my (then) size he was “huge.” I tore giving birth to him. The problems did not start until I hit my 40’s and it was getting worse. Was browsing AMZ, read almost perfect reviews and bought it. I can say for myself that it really does work. For me, the results were immediate. Thank you Tasha!


I am 66 and have been using the DVD exercises faithfully for the past 5 weeks and cannot believe the improvement I have seen in my bladder prolapse. Thanks Tasha for providing such a wonderful exercise routine that gets results even at my age. Your DVD is great, just wish I had started it 20 years ago.

Gwyn, age 66

“After having my two children, I was at a loss to explain my incontinence. The Hab It DVD helped me feel less frustrated. For the first time, I truly understood what the problem was and how to treat it.”

Karen, age 44, Harbert, MI

“What’s amazing to me is that even though the exercises—like the Kegels—are mostly small, internal movements that could be difficult to see on screen, Tasha explained them clearly and made it really easy to follow along.”

Jen, age 42, Chicago, IL

I’m surprised they don’t teach us new moms about some of the problems (especially the leaking!!)  we can encounter after childbirth and the resources available to help us new moms.  I was glad to finally get Hab It – but really wished I had had it before my son was born!

Hab It is set up so I can get through workouts quickly – have never seen that on an exercise DVD before.  The people who made this DVD really understand that we new moms don’t have much time!

Tisia, new mom, Lisle, IL

I’ve tried nearly everything for the past 2 years since my boys were born, and finally stumbled across this amazing DVD. The intent is to help women with incontinence after pregnancy. However, by doing this video, you’ll strengthen your entire core in addition to the pelvic floor. Give it a try- I have been really impressed with it!

Karen, mother of twins, Chicago, IL

In doing the exercises, it felt like you were working one-on-one with a personal trainer. The graphics combined with her detailed explanations and watching the demonstrator made it very easy to follow and know that you were doing the exercises correctly. I thought the DVD was unbelievable.  There was so much information I just didn’t know, even after having 3 children.  The narrator was very knowledgeable and really clarified what was going on inside your body when your body is not behaving as it had before children. A lot of these exercises give you regular strengthening and toning, in addition to stopping the pee from escaping. Who can’t use that?

Laura, age 40, mother of 3, Westborough, MA

Who knew that there were more exercises out there than Kegels that could solve the peeing in your pants problem?

Michelle, mother of an infant and a toddler, Hoboken, NJ

I was surprised and relieved to learn how common these issues are. I wish my OB had given this to me when I was pregnant with my first child so I could have been proactive in keeping my pelvic floor strong. I’m glad to know that after 2 kids, it’s not too late and these muscles can be developed just like any others. It will be nice to laugh, sneeze, and do aerobics again without worrying about embarrassing myself!

Nancy, mother of 2, Naperville, IL

There is no other video like this on the market! This video and instruction is ONE OF A KIND! Not only should every woman experiencing pelvic floor weakness use this video, every health professional should be REQUIRED to use this as a benchmark for passing along correct and helpful information to their patients!

Kalan, new mom, Des Moines, IA

The instructor didn’t come across as one of those cheesy, super chipper aerobics instructors that you want to smack. You feel like she is knowledgeable and know what she is talking about so you can take her more seriously.

I had a tiny (5 lb 10 oz) baby so I assumed I was exempt from childbirth-related incontinence. Boy was I in for a shock. I had a horrible cold when I delivered and spent 2 weeks sneezing and coughing after delivery.   I ended up in tears because I peed in my pants HOURLY. It was one of the worst aspects of post partum for me. It would be a huge asset for OB/GYNs to include/recommend this DVD as a regular part of post partum care along with the ice packs and sitz baths so that women can start to regain that  control and focus on the more important things.

Carrie, age 35, mother of a 4 ½ month-old, Queens, NY

It’s about time that this issue has been addressed in an appropriate and simplified way. So many of my friends have suffered with bladder problems since the birth of their children and menopause has magnified the problem. Now in our own homes we can workout with a professional.

The illustrations and the instructor made it easy to do these exercises correctly. I certainly will tell my friends about this DVD.

Carole, age 67, Lake Worth, FL

Thank you PT Partners for creating a solution to a problem that women everywhere face!

Jen, mother of 1 year old, Washington, DC

I am an active woman and proud “Nana” of six grandchildren.  The Hab-it pelvic floor dvd has taken me from feelings of uncertainty and discouragement about how my body was changing, back to feeling confident and in control.  I love that I can again lift and carry my grandchildren without leaking.

Rose Reents, 59, Urbandale, IA

After the birth of both of my children I have had bladder issues. With my first, it was only for a few weeks and it went away on it’s own. With my second, I had issues a bit during my pregnancy and for almost 3 months afterward until I found this video. I saw results within a week of doing it every other day, and now I am almost completely back to normal. Thank you so much! It is great to be able to go places without worrying about having to go to the bathroom all the time! I recommend it to others any time I get the chance!

Sarah, mother of two

Thank God for you!  You probably hear that all the time but I just had to say it. I have a 13mo old beautiful daughter, but after delivery I knew something was not right. A lot of internet research later and I learned that have a cystocele. I have been mortified and scared so much so that I haven’t spoken to anyone about it – which sounds silly but I am coach and an athlete and this loss of strength/control is unimaginable to me. I want to have another child and I thought that might not be possible or god forbid I would have to have a c-section. I want to return to pro cycling but everything else I was reading stated that I shouldn’t strain or I would make it worse. One website said no core work at all, no lifting, no running; OMG the list of no’s was becoming harder and harder to swallow and my depression was getting harder to hide or explain.  Randomly I came across a forum where someone mentioned your website and DVD and just finding you made me cry from the relief! Those no’s are fading and I don’t even have your DVD yet.
Thank God for you empowering women to learn how to help ourselves and to realize that this isn’t our fault.
Thank God for you!

Marci, New Mom and Athlete

I just wanted to thank you for your product! I had my second son via vaginal delivery in March 2010 and there was some scarring and discomfort. For a long time, I thought this was normal (my first delivery had been via c-section so I didn’t really know the questions to ask, and my doctor – otherwise very sweet and caring – said it would probably resolve once I stopped breastfeeding and my body tightened up).

I sought help because of the scar tissue from a wonderful physical therapist who did some myofascial massage and worked with me on many exercises similar to, or the same as, the ones presented in the Pelvic Floor DVD.

However, with two young boys, it is hard for me to get out for some uninterrupted PT time. Bingo! That’s where this DVD came in. Now I’m pregnant for a third and final time. It never would have happened had I not met my PT and worked on this DVD.

I continue to use the DVD religiously, making obvious adaptations when I am no longer able to complete an exercise.

I want to thank you for what you do and for the excellent workout you’ve created. I feel confident that my “basket” is in much better condition, perhaps than ever before. This final birth will be via c-section but I know once I’m recovered, I’ll be back doing these exercises as soon as I can.
Thank God for you!

Tara, Mom of 2 and one more on the way

I’m enjoying exploring your site and blog. I’m finding really excellent educational and motivational articles among other things.

I learned about Hab-It while talking with an elder in my Pilates class about how to engage / contract the TA.  Neither of us found the teacher’s cue, “Draw in the belly button,” useful.  I shared with her Mary Bond’s cues in The New Rules of Posture and she shared with me about the Hab-It DVD. I bought it, find it motivating, and I am learning so much from it.

I’m looking forward to subscribing to the 7 day advanced program when I master all levels on the DVD.

Kiara, Santa Cruz