“I just ordered 4 copies of the DVD, thank you for making this product, it is the best tool available for postpartum women.”

Claudette Coughenour, Midwife, CPM LCCE CD   Petaluma, CA

“Tasha Mulligan has done an excellent job of organizing and progressing strengthening exercises of the pelvic floor, utilizing the approach with complete core training.  An educated patient is the best type of patient to have…and Tasha achieves just that, as she leads her audience through a thorough description of anatomy and physiology of the pelvis and surrounding structures, creating a better understanding in the lay public of what is necessary to improve urinary continence and pelvic organ support.”

Dee Hartmann, PT,   Dee Hartmann Physical Therapy for Women, Chicago, IL

“This DVD provides physical therapy patients with a structure to perform their Home Exercise Program (HEP).  Thank you for your advocacy of women’s health.”

Alison Ankiewicz DPT, Shore Wellness Center, Wayside, NJ