Interval Plyometric Workout

This program is designed for those of you who want a higher intensity interval training workout.  It specifically focuses on getting your heart rate up through total body exercise and then engaging your body’s extensors and core stabilizers through challenging exercises.

So many of you have asked for my review of more intense exercise programs so that I can caution you on the exercises that would be detrimental to your pelvic floor.  I love the Hab It Plyo program because it has everything that I promote and know is fantastic for our bodies.  It highlights postural muscles from the ground up beginning with your posterior tibialis to your VMO, up through your TA and multifidi, and finishing with your lower trap and external rotators.  For those of you that recognize all those muscles, get ready to start the best program I have ever written.  For those of you who do not recognize those muscle, please take some time to read through my Educate Yourself section and work through the 7 Day Advanced Core Stabilization program before beginning.

Again, this is an intense interval training program with plyometric exercises that will take you to your anaerobic and strength limits.  You should have a solid base of core stability, endurance, and strength before beginning this program.  Listen carefully to my cues so that your muscles absorb all impact as you work through the plyometric exercises.

I will coach you through 6 separate training sessions.  The expectation is for you to work your way through the exercise list within each workout twice for a solid 25 minute workout.

Each exercise is demonstrated for a full minute, but as you begin this program, I recommend you start with just 30 seconds of each exercise to allow your body to adapt to the new level of activity.  I also recommend that you take a day off between exercise days to allow your muscles to recover from these plyometric exercises.  This is an important recommendation as your joints and muscles will be working hard through this program and recovery is a key to your success!

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