Interval Cardio Workout

Do you want a more intense 20 minute complete body workout that you know is safe for your pelvic floor and will protect your knees and shoulders?

Are you wanting to return to cardio workouts but unsure of how to start and what activities are safe?

Are you confident that you have established the correct firing pattern of your deepest pelvic and abdominal stabilizers through the Hab It Pelvic Floor Workouts?

If the answer is yes to the above questions then the Hab It Interval Cardio Workout is an excellent program for you! My goal in this workout is to challenge your strength and endurance as I coach you through the correct mechanics to absorb all forces with your muscles versus your joints.

The intermediate level of this workout makes it the perfect cardio program for those rehabilitating a diastasis recti as all TA exercises are modified to reduce the pull of gravity on your weak anterior abdominal wall. So not only is it an appropriate next level exercise program for women with a diastasis but also for those women who are looking for progressive transversus abdominus strengthening exercises!

This program consists of 6 separate training sessions, each lasting approximately 20 minutes. The expectation is for you to work your way through the exercise list twice for a solid 20 minute workout.

I will coach you through a full minute of each exercise in the videos, but as you begin each workout, I recommend you start with just 30 seconds of each exercise to allow your body to adapt to the new level of activity. I also recommend that you take a day off between exercise days to allow your muscles to recover, as they will be challenged through this program.

Healthy Tip

I often talk about breaking your exercise training up into 2-3 month blocks throughout your year. This ensures that you keep challenging your body, adding healthy stress that will provide positive adaptations, which is what we all want. Your training blocks should have a focus such as endurance, speed and agility, strength building, flexibility and balance, etc. One very important block throughout your year should be base building. Returning to the Hab It dvd workouts and/or the 7 Day Advanced Core Stability program is a great base building choice. The Hab It Interval Cardio program or the Hab It Interval Plyometric Workout would be a new 2-3 month training block focused on higher intensity interval training as you work your way up to 1 minute intervals of each exercise. Now take this tip and plan out your training blocks for the year. Your body and your health will be better for it!

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