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    Kirsteen Tares

    Hi Tasha,
    I’ve been a Hab-It user for a few years now (although not always as regularly as I’d like sadly!) and totally feel the benefit. Thanks also for this blog, which I’ve used a few times now to help keep things right when opportunities come up in life and I wonder if I can do them without damaging myself.
    So – here I am again looking for your advice.
    I’m keen to train for a triathlon, primarily to support my young son who is interested in them, but also for my own enjoyment. I already cycle and swim… but have never been a runner. I do recall years ago reading something you wrote which advised that if you’ve got prolapses, not to start running if you weren’t a runner prior to the prolapses occurring. I don’t know for sure if I’ve remembered that correctly though. So, am looking for your advice on whether or not I could/should start running and if so how best to go about it. I’m unlikely to focus much on running on pavements/ roads. I live in rural Scotland and am keen to do mostly hill running, or at least just running around the fields near me, which I assume will be less harsh on my prolapses?
    Huge thanks as always… I doubt anyone can ever explain to you how much your work and support here is appreciated.
    Kirsteen :o)


    You can begin a running program but read through the Cardio topic of the Education section first. I have good information in there about focusing on your push off so that your body is at a forward lean, decreasing the straight vertical forces on your pelvic floor, spine, and joints. For this reason, running down hill is a tough one because of the breaking that we naturally do and the pounding through the heals. You will definitely feel your symptoms more running or hiking down hill. During training, I recommend you walk down hills. Save the downhill pounding for race day only.

    Also, be sure to progress your training in a smart method. This is a new level of stress on your pelvic floor. Give it time to adapt. Take care not to increase distance and intensity on the same day. Choose on or the other.

    Good luck to you – I love the training goals!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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