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    Hi! I just started the Hab-It exercises. I love them! I’ve been working on my pelvic floor muscles for a while and have had some results, but this seems like exactly what I need to really focus in on them. My question is: should I keep doing the workout I have been doing? I use Suzanne Bowen’s Prenatal Barre method DVD (not pregnant). The exercises are pretty intense, and though she mentions the pelvic floor (she’ll tell you when to kegel), I don’t think she’s very educated on the best positions to kegel in, etc. Should I stop these workouts completely, or can I alternate them with the Hab-it exercises?


    I would highly recommend you purchase the Hab it Cardio program. Within this more advanced program beyond the Hab It Pelvic Floor program, my goal is to educate you to go to any exercise program and know how to modify or contract just so – so that you feel confident that every strength and cardio move is pelvic floor friendly and beneficial for your posture and long term health.

    In general, I really like barre programs – I just don’t recommend as much bun tucking as some teachers do. otherwise they engage the TA, work the gluten, set shoulder blades back and down – all excellent work!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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