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    Hi, thank you for writing this blog and helping those of us who are drowing out here in prolapse land. I have grade 2-3 cystocele grade 1 rectocele Although i have made some improvements with 4-
    months of pt/posture, i have less heaviness less aching less bulging. I cant seem to get rid of that feeling that my vagina is as big as the grand canyon during sex. My husband reluctantly admits he feels this too. My pt says my prolapse is well supported has reduced and my kegel stregnth is good. Do you think this will improve if i just keep at it? what worries me is that i am 1 year post partum. Also i have given up all exercise to get to this point and. Tried walking and symptoms returned. I feel like i am getting no where. I need to revisit my routine?


    Yep, sounds like you only got to level one of rehab and when symptoms reduced you stopped your progression. Look to move on to the Hab It Cardio. You Should, be able to walk without symptoms. Have you read Cardio Choices in the Educate Yourself section.

    Stopping exercise feeds into the weakness cycle that will eventually have you feeling symptoms again!

    Go for it, challenge yourself and your pelvic basket to get to the next level!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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