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    Hi Tasha

    Hope you can help I have purchased the advanced and cardio programmes and have only being doing these 3 days but have noticed that my cystocele has greatly improved but my rectocele has got worse (constant uncontrollable wind). I had rectocele surgery (posterior wall repair) over a year ago which was fine until I started being active again most symptons came back which I am totally gutted about. Can you advise what could be causing rectocele getting worse I was thinking squats could I be doing something wrong without realising. Also I was using Kegel 8 machine on the prolapse setting can I still use this while doing exercises, I havn’t used it over last 3 days.

    Much Appreciated


    I would stop the Kegel 8 – there is no need for it once you are co-contracting your pelvic floor withour TA and multifidi. You know you are because of your cystocele improvement. As for your rectocele, the air that you are passing can be due to your cystocele lifting so that posterior wall has lost what it was leaning against. Give it time, continue with good habits of neutral spine posture, chest breathing, and appropriate lifting techniques. With time, we will hopefully see your rectocele respond as well!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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