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    Hi Tasha,

    My name is Jennifer and I have pelvic organ prolapse. I had chronic pelvic pain (undiagnosed) following and incredibly hard pregnancy and the birth of my first child for 18 months postpartum. I went to numerous doctors and had numerous CTs, tests,surgeries etc and no one could figure out what was happening to my body. I started exercising five days a week and got better following intense workouts. Two years later I was pregnant with baby two and had an incredibly hard pregnancy and delivery. Baby two had her collar bone broken and I immediately had severe prolapse of my cervix (grade 3). I started PT with a pelvic physiotherapist and was diagnosed with grade 3 uterine prolapse, grade 2 rectocele, and grade 2 bladder prolapse. I also severely separated my recutus abdominis muscle. Over the course of a year I was able to heal my abdominal muscles, get my uterus almost to normal position (now diagnosed with uterine decent), grade 1 bladder prolapse, but still have grade 2-3 rectocele. I am severely limited as to my activities of daily living. Lifting my daughter, vacuuming, walking uphill, etc do me in. It doesn’t take much. I just have a a lot of pelvic pressure. I went to a manometry/ biofeedback specialist after this and had stem. Upon starting I was having severe pelvic floor spasms and contractions but over the course of six weeks brought my resting level down to a one. Spasms were improved through these treatments but pressure has not improved. So now $4,500 plus later I’m still searching for a solution to my wrecked pelvic floor. I heard about your program from a support group a few weeks back so here I am. I was told by my nurse practitioner to do three sets of 30 quick flicks a day as well as five (10 second contractions) five times a day. I’m also doing lots of hip stretches. My rectocele and pressure is feeling though so I decided to try your program. I was reading your intro and you were saying to do no more then two set of 8-10 contractions a day to prevent spasms. So I’m just trying to decide what is best for my body? I don’t want to go back into spasm state and I’m having a harder and harder time contracting. Just wondering your recommendations?

    (Sorry for long email)


    I think you know my recommendations – especially for someone with a history of muscle spasms – your focus needs to be on the rest of your pelvic backst and postural positioning vs your pelvic floor. So, not only do I recommend limiting your Kegels, I may go further and say, no Kegels for you rehab!

    I know that’s hard to believe but you have to look at your history of spasms and your rectocele symptoms as well – they often go hand in hand and many women on here have reported their rectocele symptoms improve when they eliminate Kegels that often leave their pelvic floor tense.

    I want you to start by reading through my entire Educate Yourself section. You need to begin to understand the importance of your posture, your breathing – You will also read in there, my recommendation of Brianne Grogan’s Ebook that has a fantastic section on Pelvic floor relaxation. So much to learn – so start your reading!!! It will take some time to get through all of it, but it is worth it!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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