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    Dijana Dumancic

    Hi tasha i have worked with the hab it dvd and have dine it for three months i than started doing the seven days stabilisation program i have a cystocele and a rectocele i was windering why i cant breath during the plan on my wrists it seems that i am too weak and i keep holding my breath trying to hold my belly button in it makes me breathless and than worried and hesitant to perform the planking workouts.im scared that i am doing the plank wrong as i just cant seem to be able to tighten my belly and he t it in its like eather i am going to breath or im tightening and keeping my belly button in.cant seem to do both. I feel sensatikns of muscles working whike in plank and i am afraid of the belly muscles in case i activate the wrong ones.my prolapse symptoms have gotten a kot better since i workout with you.i want it to keep improving and i need guidance! I wish to master the seven day stabilisation program and than keep progressing to the other workouts too.it seems i dont have enough infos on the plank as an exercise on its own i am scared that i feel the pulling on my belly muscles and i have trouble keeping the belly in. I have thaz trouble only on my elbowa or wrists if i do the plank like in the workout four in the hab it dvd i have no issuew i manage to breathe and do well its just when i have to straighten my legs while plankin.im sorry if it all sounds a bit intense here i am trying to write as quickly as i can as i have three kids i have to control hahah.thank you for all you do.


    You and I have skyped and talked through your planks, but for the purpose of any other mom that is reading this – I recommend you work through the Hab it Cardio program before the 7 Day Advanced. The feedback has been that I jumped the difficulty of planks too much between the orignal Hab It and the 7 Day, so the Hab It cardio gives a nice progression, allowing you to do planks on an incline vs horizontal with your hands on the ground.

    I also love that you say that you can either hold your belly up and in (great TA) or breathe. This is a clear sign that those planks or whatever exercise you are doing is too difficult. I want you to be able to hold your TA engage and breathe with chest elevation and expansion. In the Hab It Cardio, I begin to work on the shoulder blades, setting them back and down, which allows your upper ribs to elevate and expand. When you have this kind of rib cage movement, it allows your TA to stay engaged because it doesn’t have to let go for belly breathing.

    This breathing and TA strengthening is a big key to your recovery.


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