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    Geraldine Cheek

    I received my DVD from Amazon Friday, just completed 2nd work out.I’m 77 and have a couple of problem
    1. I have trouble getting onto the floor and getting up again.
    2. I have CTS in my right wrist and to perform any exercise on all fours it HURTS. Any suggestions
    to do these exercises effectively without pain?

    I feel confident that this program will help my incontinence problem, I just have to be discipled and do the
    work outs.

    Than you so much for making them available.

    Geraldine Cheek

    Just finished session3 and used my fist instead of flat hand, I think I can live with this.
    Another thing occurred to me that doing these exercises, just getting down and up from the floor must
    improve my mobility all over so I have the perfect win-win situation.


    I love your positive outlook! You can also substitute a position modification if your wrist acts up – you can place your bent elbows on the 2nd stair to take pressure off of your wrist.

    And yes – getting up and down IS good for you!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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