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    Hi Tasha,

    I am 13.5 weeks postpartum with my first child and have been doing your Hab-it program since I was diagnosed with a grade 2 bladder prolapse six weeks ago. I have done one of the workouts every day as well as 20-30 minutes on my exercycle (adjusted to your recommendations). My symptoms have improved massively, despite exclusively breastfeeding, as well as a drastic reduction in SPD pain which I had in my pubic bone from 38 weeks pregnant and post delivery. I’m an exercise junkie – was working out right up to the day before I delivered, but now realise I was not protecting my pelvic floor very well! I still feel pressure if I’m not careful lifting (mainly baby and baby related equipment!), sneezing, coughing suddenly etc but no longer the constant dragging or bulge. Anyway, my previous exercise regime included running, quite heavy weight training and Bikram yoga (did this for six years but not during pregnancy). I’m feeling better about giving up the weights now I’ve bought your advanced workouts – just started the 7 day stabilization today, but would like some advice regarding the other activities. My exercycle is broken so was thinking I would get on the treadmill tomorrow and walk – do you recommend flat or an incline (I know about focusing on posture and pushing off the toe)? How long do you think I should wait before trying jogging (I guess once I’m confident with the advanced stability program)? Finally, will I be able to do Bikram yoga again? Are there any postures I should avoid? Sorry for the novel and thanks so much for this site!


    Courtney – all sounds great! You are certainly on your way to gaining a deeper understanding of your body and what it needs. So, yes, start on the treadmill walking, flat or incline is fine – it is the downhill that is tough because of heel impact, but on a treadmill you don’t have to worry about this. Keep chest breathing in mind as you begin walking and jogging – you have to keep pressure lifted up off your pelvic floor.

    And yes, jogging is in your future -give the 7 Day a 4 week start and then go for it! You will find that your pelvic floor will respond to the stress by getting even stronger. Although too much stress will increase your symptoms. Continue to read your body!



    hi Courtney. as u mentioned u had SPD pain post delivery, and i think im having SPD symptoms too. im not able to do any exercises which involved unilateral lower limb lifting. can i know how u progressed with the workouts n able to handle to pain when exercising.
    thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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