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    Another update on me:
    I started doing the cardio program after my last post, often alternating days with the lower levels. I live in the Midwest, so not close to the clinics mentioned. However, I’ve done a lot of reading about vulvodynia and nerve issues since then and think that is exactly what I am dealing with. I think I probably strained something, maybe even slight prolapse originally, but then all of my anxiety and muscle work to improve caused too much tension. I feel better and almost normal most of the time, but then I have the tampon feeling several days in a row (especially leading up to ovulation, then gone the day after). Upon self examining, my bladder is high and in place and from what I can tell it’s my posterior wall tightening against my anterior wall that is causing this sensation. Then all the rubbing is causing irritation and swelling and discomfort. Sitting for long periods also is contributing to this swelling. It’s almost like I have too much blood flow to this area and it can’t leave.

    So, exercising also causes this swelling issue. No one exercise in particular, just throughout the half hour it gets worse. I follow exercise with a lot of stretching and belly breathing while on my back and that helps some. Currently my plan is to do hab it cardio every other day and waking and stretching the other days.

    I’m able to lift 25 pounds at a time now, but if I do it too often in a day, I feel the swelling come back.

    So, lots of improvement, but still trying to figure out how to feel normal all the time.

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