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    Kate Nicholson

    Is it ok to practice yoga with a prolapse (cystocele)? Is the plank part of a sun salutation safe? Many thanks for all your amazing resources. I absolutely LOVE your DVD (just starting on the workouts and feeling the benefits already!

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    Hi Kate, Tasha has answered the ‘Yoga’ question in other forum posts I have seen as I read through this form, there is one here… Yoga after prolapse. And I have read lots of others. You can easily search to see the replies that she has given to others by typing the following into google or yahoo.

    site:hab-it.com/forums/ yoga

    Make sure that there are NO SPACES between the colon after the word site and the name of the site. I find that if I do the search on Google and on Yahoo I get different results, so often I will search at both google.com and yahoo.com

    site:hab-it.com/forums/ yoga

    Also, the plank is part of her hab-it workout once you get to exercise 4, so I’m sure she will say yes to that as long as you have worked your way up to that point in the DVD 🙂

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    sorry, ignore the actual link in the post above, it doesn’t work properly. Just type the text into Google and it will work perfectly!

    site:hab-it.com/forums/ yoga

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    Thanks, Nancy! Will check it out…

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    Thanks Nancy!


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