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    Hi Tasha,

    I am 5 weeks postpartum with my third child and, last night, was devastated to discover the bladder prolapse I’ve had since the birth of my second child is significantly worse. My second was born 22 months ago and I had mild prolapse at the time–the PT I saw was only able to initially detect my bladder bulging when I coughed.

    As I’ve become more active and fully taken on the responsibilities of caring for three young children during the day, I’ve started to feel a heaviness in my vagina. I checked it out myself last night and was shocked to be able to feel my bladder just inside my vagina… and then to be able to SEE it when I looked with a handheld mirror. I really can’t say if the worsening happened during delivery or after when I was probably lifting/doing more than I should. I had been really optimistic things wouldn’t deteriorate after my third birth–everything about the birth and recovery has been easier this time around.

    I started your DVD again last week and can fairly easily work through levels 1 and 2. I realize that I’m very fortunate to not experience any leaking or incontinence–the heaviness in my vagina is my main symptom (although I also experience frequent urination and the feeling that I’m not fully emptying)–but I can’t help but feel broken in some way after seeing my bladder. It all looks and feels so wrong. Is there any hope that continued physical therapy will lift my bladder away from my vaginal opening so that it’s no longer visible?

    I’m really wanting to resume exercise and, from my reading through your posts, it looks like starting to incorporate walking would be appropriate and perhaps even helpful. Or should I work through the DVD for a few more weeks and complete the Advanced Stabilization program first? I should mention I also have diastasis recti (2 fingers)… I’m trying to stay positive and to take the long view of doing the right thing for my body, but I feel so limited. I’d love to get right back into bootcamp-style workouts.

    Thank you!


    It is normal for your vaginal canal to be lax like this after your 3rd delivery. Sounds like your recovery through rehab was strong enough after your second baby that you didn’t worry enough on this delivery to get on the exercises right away. Thats a good sign that your previous recovery was that strong, but it would have been great for you to begin the Hab It dvd right away, knowing the trauma your body goes through on delivery. Never fear – you are on it now and you will recover again. Read through my Education section on Posture first to re-set your mind on the right positioning for your body, then read the rest of the entries (I have one in Cardio on pushing off your big toe while walking)

    Be consistent and you will once again be symtpom free!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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