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    Janelle Chia


    I’m new to this but this place give me hope!
    I have just purchases the first video.
    However it says even if i move on from Workout 1 to Workout 2 to Workout 3 and 4, i have to go back to Workout 1 again.
    Just wondering do you mean:
    If i do workout 1 on week one, i move on to work out 2 in week two, do i have to set aside one day for workout 1 again during my week 2?
    Subsequently if i reached Workout 4 in week 4, i have to set aside days for 1,2,3?

    Or do you mean after i have mastered all 4 workouts, i will then repeat them all from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4?

    You also mentioned to skip workout 2. Do i skip it only if i perform all 4 workout in 1 day?

    Also, doctor tested my kegel strength, he says i’m 1/5 in terms of strength. Will i be too weak to do the workout since my contraction is weak.

    Thank you so much for reading my enquiries! Can’t wait to start them.

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    I want you to continue to cycle in the Workouts even after you have moved on to the subsequent workouts. This is because we are working on isolating and maximizing the number of muscle fibers that are firing for each muscle – your rehab is a fluid continuum of muslce isolation and muscle coordination – by continuing to rotate in the muslce isolation exercises, we will ensure we are communicating with as many muscle fibers as possible as you work more coordinated exercises.

    You can work through a workout each day if you choose. I list 3x/week as a minimum to see results, but there is no harm in more frequent exercise. The exception to this is the number of 2 step Kegels you work through/day. So if you want to work through Workout 1 and 2 on a given day, then simply skip the Kegels at the beginning and end of work out 2 because you would have already done them in Workout 1. Make sense?

    The reason for this is that our pelvic floors are not big bulky muscles and when over worked -they can get very fatigued and often can go into spasm. leaving us symptomatic. So 8-10 two step Kegels/day is my recommendation.


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