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    Janelle Chia


    I’m new to this but this place give me hope!
    I have just purchases the first video.
    However it says even if i move on from Workout 1 to Workout 2 to Workout 3 and 4, i have to go back to Workout 1 again.
    Just wondering do you mean:
    If i do workout 1 on week one, i move on to work out 2 in week two, do i have to set aside one day for workout 1 again during my week 2?
    Subsequently if i reached Workout 4 in week 4, i have to set aside days for 1,2,3?

    Or do you mean after i have mastered all 4 workouts, i will then repeat them all from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4?

    You also mentioned to skip workout 2. Do i skip it only if i perform all 4 workout in 1 day?

    Also, doctor tested my kegel strength, he says i’m 1/5 in terms of strength. Will i be too weak to do the workout since my contraction is weak.

    Thank you so much for reading my enquiries! Can’t wait to start them.

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