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    Dear Tasha,

    I’m new to this and confused by the Whole Woman stance that there is no pelvic basket but instead a pelvic wall and that the orientation of the female pelvis is misunderstood by the medical community. Could you elaborate on this?

    I had 4 large babies back-to-back and feel I likely have an anterior prolapse. I’d like to order your DVD but fear doing anything to make it worse–it seems there is an idea out there that strengthening the abs could worsen prolapse.


    Tasha Mulligan

    Hi there,
    Good for you for doing your research. Continue to read and gather information because the better understanding you get of your own body, the more success you will have. The idea of a pelvic wall, may be true if you were on all 4’s, but we are bipedal beings so that theory doesn’t hold water.

    I invite you to read through my blogs as well as the fantastic information on http://www.prolapsehealth.com. This is a site with so many women that have tried several different methods of symptom management. They are very open and will help you in many ways to better understand how you can take control of your symptoms.

    Finally, I am never shy to tell women to try other methods. Feel for yourself. This is truly the best way. You have to know your own body and I encourage you to do this because of the confidence I have in the Hab It program. You will feel a difference between the Hab It and others!

    Thanks for the question.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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