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    Help. I am desperate. I have prolapse. I have had laproscopic uterine suspension surgery but the prolapse is still getting worse. Everyone on the internet seems to have something to sell and each thing I read contradicts the last thing I read. I am very weary of the ‘whole woman’ approach. Some of the things she says are just wrong. I am willing to buy into the Hab it approach because I already see a physiotherapist for my prolapse so this approach makes sense to me.

    The problem is – I can’t figure out where to buy it. The site directs me to Amazon.com and it says it’s in stock. But I live in Canada, so I go to Amazon.ca and it says that it’s not in stock!

    So… Where does a person in Canada order the Hab it video?



    I bought it a few weeks ago from amazon.ca It’s currently out of stock, but keep an eye on it.


    Hi- I am also in Canada and ordered it through Amazon.com (not ca). It ships to Canada through that site, mine says it should be here today and just ordered last Friday!
    Hope this helps.
    Nancy – Ottawa


    Hey ladies,
    I apologize. We ship as Amazon Canada orders it, but you are right, it seems to be listed “out of stock” more than it is in stock. I just sent another order to Canada on Friday and it should be there by Wednesday and hopefully re-stocked by friday the 6th. Keep an eye on it!!!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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