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    Kayla Rogers

    Hi Tasha!
    First of all thank you so much for all you do. I love your website and the help you offer. I just started your DVD and am hopeful for great change. I have stage 1 or 2 cystocele. I have 2 questions… I love walking and wanted to know if that is okay for me to do? If so is an hour on the treadmill too much? I will also listen to my body. I wanted to know if there is anything I should look for while walking to know if I need to slow down or stop.
    My other question is… I have been having pain in my clitoris for 2 weeks now. It hurts when I move certain ways, sitting and certain times of the day (random). I am not having rough sex, at this point I’m scared to have sex at all with all these problems I’m having. Have you heard of this? I’m assuming it’s related to my prolapse but I can’t seem to find anyone else with this problem. Ladies please comment if you have this problem as well! What does it mean? Will it go away while my prolapse gets better?
    Thank you so much!

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    Kayla Rogers

    I want to add that I can’t get into the physical therapist until June so your answer means the world to me! I am struggling because I want to be active & toned again but know this is a slow process. I am 19 months postpartum with my first in case your wondering.

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    Kayla, regarding the pain you are experiencing in your clitoris. I have had that same pain and I believe it was related to pelvic floor muscle spasms. It was not isolated though, I also had a burning sensation of the pelvic floor and some other pain in the vaginal area from those muscles been so tensed up.

    Tasha has a couple of posts related to the topic: Maximizing Blood Flow and a Healthy Pelvic Floor and Hypertone of the Pelvic Floor. You could try the relaxation techniques that she mentions you can find in Brianne’s e-book. I have gotten better at relaxing my pelvic floor more over that last few weeks and the clitoris pain has not returned.

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    Kayla Rogers

    Wow Nancy thank you so much! That’s a great response and what I was looking for, needed info! Also to hear from someone else knowing what I’m talking about help. I will check those out asap! Glad it has gotten better for you.

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    I also had clitoris pain, mostly after urinating when my PF tried to contract back. Was definitely from a tight pelvic floor.

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    Thank you ladies – sounds like you have some good direction Kayla!


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