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    Thank you Tasha for this blog–I have stage 3 or 4 vaginal vault prolapse–no urinary or bowel symptoms. Two years ago I had a hysterectomy for stage 4-very advanced uterine prolapse. I am very active, travel, have my own business. I exercise regularly, don’t do heavy lifting or running and am 80 years old. I walk a lot and when things “drop down”, I sit for a few minutes. I am also hyper flexible (can still do a modified split) and am told that flexibility probably accounts for my problems. My doctor suggests closing off the vaginal opening. I can’t imagine life without a vagina!

    I’d like to know if targeted exercise can control and perhaps alleviate my symptoms? Can other problems involving the urinary and/or bowel result from avoiding surgery?


    With your “get up and go” I would feel confident that the Hab It program will help you. The key for someone as active as you are is to slow down and feel each individual muscle of your pelvic basket as coached in the Hab It dvd. You sound well conditioned so it is one missing piece of the puzzle. It will take patience and deliberate exercise execution to figure out which piece of the rehab puzzle you are missing. That could be one co-contraction not firing correctly or poor posture during certain activities, or short breath holds forcing pressure down on your pelvic bowl (this is super common).

    So my thoughts would be for you to begin to work through the Hab It video and to start reading through the Education section to pick up those little tips that can make a big difference.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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