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    Hi Tasha!

    Do you know if it’s possoble to heal a postpartum uterine prolapse? How often do you see improvement with time and exercise? My obgyn didn’t give me a grade but said I had a uterine prolapse and when pushing my cervix is 1,2 inches from the opening. I’m 3 months pp and my symptoms are uncomfy feeling when walking/standing and heavyness.

    I’ve read your posts in walking and posture. You wrote that one should Do these normal daily activities and that in the beginning you could notice intresse in symtomps. I’ve tried this bit it’s scary. If I try going för walks dispite of symptoms, when should I notice improvement? Would I benifit from a pessary or is it better that I live with the symptoms?

    When I feel by myself my cervix is sometimes a fingerlength in, sometimes two knuckles.

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    2 knuckles in is very good! Have you started the Hab it exercises??? That is where you need to start along with reading the Educate Yourself section so that you can apply all the good habits and suggestions given in there. Your posture and breathing are two topics you should begin reading about!

    There is no magic quick cure for pelvic floor dysfunction, but with your description of your symptoms, there is no doubt in my mind that you can be symptom free.

    Now for the start of good habits, exercsise, and consistent follow through – that is up to you!


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