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    Hi Tasha.
    I am grateful to you for answering our endless questions.
    I am happy so far with my progress
    I have question. About urine retention
    How do I urinate without having to strain? I have no problems starting to urinate. It’s the end where I feel I am not comfortable and empty,then I have to strain. I have tried rocking my pelvis.
    My pt ,so far, hasn’t helped much with this. Her only suggestion is to not to strain.but didn’t give any alternative. I will push her next time.

    Meanwhile please suggest something.
    Also, is kegels okay for this problem?
    I have been avoiding kegels and doing all other exercise on Hab it. Because I feel next day I feel tense if I do kegels.ihaveto address this too with my PT who is always booked so I get to see her once a month, which is so frustrating.
    Thanks again

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    Yes, you have given your own suggestion – Kegels is okay for this. First I would recommend the pelvic rocking – if that doesn’t work a couple Kegels followed by complete relaxation should do the trick. Read “complete relaxation” again in the above instruction. This will be great training for you to work total relaxation – let everything go!!!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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