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    Hi Tasha:

    I like the overall body toning of treading water and the core strengthening that I get from doing planks. Do you see problems with either of those?

    I had a severe sacrum injury from dead-lifting over two years ago & I am still trying to recover. After having PRP injections to my tailbone & SI joints in Nov 2016, the 8 weeks of required inactivity caused my pelvic floor muscles/ligaments to weaken and a slight rectocele has become larger. I don’t want to do anything that has potential to make them worse. I do 30 butterfly bridges daily along with clam exercises. I’ve not had any luck using a pessary–I’m short & when I play tennis, the strong core muscles push them out.

    My Hab-it video should arrive today & I’m hoping to find help there, but wasn’t sure whether those two exercises would be discussed.




    If you are pushing out a pessary I really want you to focus on quieting your RA and instead, engaging your transversus abdominus. I have lots of information on these two muscles in my Educate Yourself section under the topic, “Pelvic Basket Muscles”. That being said, a pessary is rarely effective for a rectocele so probably not the appropriate intervention for you anyway.

    I am fine with you treading water and planking. Be sure you are breathing consistently with both of these exercises and on your planks be sure that you are not engaging your RA!

    Lots to read in the Educate Yourself section as well as great information threaded throughout the Hab It dvd and advanced exercises to be sure you are holding the best positions and that you are engaging the correct core muscles.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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