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    Fern Vander Hart


    I just found your site. I have been to physical therapy for a bladder prolapse, and i have been diagnosed with tight pelvic muscles. I am working on loosening them, but I may not be able to actually accomplish that because I have neuromuscular issues from benzodiazapines that causes muscle tension in various places in my body. I believe the pelvic muscles have been tight since 2014, as then I began to have problems emptying my bladder completely. At that time I was diagnosed with a mild bladder prolapse, which I did not feel until I got a UTI sometime this spring or summer that went undiagnosed and caused my pelvic muscles to get much, much tighter. I had bowel issues for awhile that are now almost normal. So, my pelvic muscles are very tight.

    So, how can I exercise them when they are so tight? I would like to strengthen my pelvic floor, but I read everywhere that I can’t do that until my muscles are loose? What do I do in the meantime, or if they never loosen?

    Thanks for your help. I would be delighted to try your exercises, but only it is not bad for me.

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    I would highly recommend you read through my Pelvic Floor Muscle Spasms topic in the Educate yourself section. Brianne Grogan has some great pelvic relaxation techniques in there that may be of great benefit to you. Start there and see how you feel before you move on to the Hab It program. If and when you do, skip the 2 step Kegel instruction and just focus on the rest of your pelvic basket muscles.


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    Fern Vander Hart

    Thanks so much for your response. I will do as you suggest.

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