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    Hi tasha,

    I am 14 weeks post partum and started workin on habit at 6 weeks post partum and have been seeing a lot of improvement in my symptoms. This forum and education section really help me in my recovery journey. Thank you so much! I have a few questions that i hope you’d be able to shed some lights on it.

    1. When lifting and ecercise, how tight do i pull my TA in? I draw my belly button in all the way tight and ensure that i can still breath. Is this correct or are we supposed to only have a gentle muscle contraction?

    2. Can i still draw my TA when i am NOT in neutral spine? Usually when i lift my son up and carrying him i feel like i am losing my TA contraction. I will then take a deep breath and upon exhale draw it back in. Is this ok or would i be activating my RA. Its hard to be in neutral spine to draw my TA everytime i start to lose it.

    3. Is there a way to hold my TA longer? When i do the leg lift in exercise 3, lying down i feel as if over time i start to lose my TA contraction. Is this normal?

    4. When i do habit, i can really feel my muscle relax when i relax it in between… for example heel clam. It is more pronounced than the feeling of contraction which is mild. Is this because my pelvic floor is very tight or my muscle is very weak? If i do kegel i can definitely feel the contraction and the relaxing. I used to have painful burning sensation but thankfully it disappeared once i follow your advise to stop kegel and do briannes relaxation stretch after each habit session.

    5. I read your education section and i know how important not to hold my breath. But i notice that i keep holding my breath so often when i am concentrating on something and it is really annoying. I am trying hard to make sure that i breath like ALL the time. Do you have any tips for me?

    Once again, thanks so much tasha. I was devastated to learn about my condition but having found habit and this forum really help me be more positive.


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