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    Hayley Rose

    Hi Tasha,

    I am 5 weeks pp and have a moderate rectocele. I’ve always had a swayed back and locked my knees. I am also very hypermobile in my joints. My physio prescribed tucking my butt under with bent knees, engaging my core and then rising to straighter legs because of my sway back. If you are naturally very “gymnast” position is tucking beneficial to get you closer to neutral? Or should you never tuck? My physio has been great with all my other structural issues pre pregnancy and has referred me to another physio who can do all the internal assessments so I’ll see what she says too. I feel like I have strong pelvic floor muscles from years of Pilates, so I suspect I need to relax them. Even straight after the birth I could locate and squeeze them.

    Thank you.

    PS after freakingg out for a week about my prolapse your site has given me so much hope! I’ve ordered your DVD and even just a night of sitting on my 2 anchor points and thinking about my posture has helped tremendously.


    Yes, your therapist seems to be on point. If you are naturally in the gymnast posture, then you need to tuck a bit. The key is finding that “neutral” position. Take care to activate and hold with your TA and not with your RA! This is a challenge and takes great body awareness.

    You seem to be very aware of your pelvic floor and you may be right on with your thinking that you need to learn how to relax your pelvic floor.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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