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    Hayley Rose

    Hi Tasha,

    I want to say thank you and to encourage other women who are starting out on their prolapse journey.

    I found your site so helpful after the birth of my first baby 3 years ago and discovery of a rectocele at 5 weeks postpartum. You gave me hope when I was completely depressed, scared and felt broken. Yours was really the only website I found that encouraged me to keep moving and wasn’t just a big list of “don’ts”. You started me on a journey to heal and get stronger through Hab-It, pelvic physiotherapy and Pilates. I even became a Pilates instructor to help other women. I finally got to a point where I felt strong enough mentally and physically to have another baby. He is now 4 months old (3 year age gap between kids) and I had a successful and healing water birth and great recovery (even with another 2nd degree tear). I took it easy, have been diligent with my exercises/stretching and have no prolapse this time! I can’t explain how happy I am when I think back to those dark days after the birth of my daughter 3 years ago, spending days in bed too scared to be vertical. So for all those women on here with prolapses – please know that there is hope and there are ways to heal. Don’t be scared to move, find a professional who can help you and enjoy your children! I wasted the first 2 years of my daughters life worrying and panicking about every move I made. I didn’t hold her enough. I didn’t play with her enough. Our bodies are strong and resilient – you are not broken! It can be a blessing in disguise to relook at how you move, exercise and live. There are some brilliant women (and men) on social media who champion prolapse and exercise/athleticism and there is so much hope!

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    Laura Star

    Hi Hayley,

    This is really reassuring to read. I am in a similar position to you. My son is 2 and I am thinking about another baby.
    After his birth I had what was like a spongy front vaginal wall. Just above the entrance. It was dismissed by the doctor as a vaginal wall laxity, but I think this is just another word for prolapse that may sound better to a mildly hysterical post natal woman.
    I bought hab it and did lots of pelvic floor excercises. The sponginess has never gone away but the symptoms (incontinence, dragging feeling) are much much better.

    Did you manage to get your buldge to completely go away?
    The thing that stops me having another baby is absolute fear that this spongy wall may develop into a really bad prolapse with the weight of another baby on top of it.

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