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    Hey Tasha and fellow hab-it followers!

    Following my prolapse diagnosis promised myself I would share my positive outcome if I ever had one. I scoured the internet looking for positive stories and rarely found any. It was very disheartening. Well here is my 100% authentic success story. Four months ago at 30 after my 3rd child was born, I developed a grade 2 cysto-rectocele. I know when it happened. I pushed everything too fast, too soon. I was a pro at this new mommy thing so rest was for suckers. I was wrong. The next few weeks included OBGYNs, UROGYNs, PTs, etc. I couldn’t get a straight answer from most and basically resigned myself to the fact that I needed extensive surgery for this and that my career as a hospice nurse was over. I went through depression and hopelessness. Finally I decided to try this site after hearing a lot about it on various forums. I combined this with daily walking and the results were phenomenal. I was religious about implementing correct posture and lifting. At first I was so worried about making mistakes or catching myself out of posture. Just keep correcting yourself and you’ll be fine. Really concentrate on what Tasha is telling you to do and feel in the workouts. The workouts are simple but you can get a real burn just by focusing on your form. I am not a gimmick, or a wishful thinker. I went from an inevitable surgery that included not being able to lift my kids for months (the older ones ever), and losing my career to being as active as ever, in better shape than ever, and happy and positive. No surgery on my radar, and I’m going back to work (slowly) next month. I will continue to use Tasha’s programs forever. This isn’t an overnight fix and you will likely feel more symptoms as you begin being active. Do not stop being active. There is nothing positive that will come from sitting and hoping prolapse or pain will go away. You can and will feel better. I am 80% less symptomatic and I’m only 4 months post partum. Do the program. READ the education portion. This method will become second nature and simple. Stick with it. Bad days will come and go. I don’t even know the last time I had a bad symptom day. Stay off of the internet if you’re vulnerable. People who have healed don’t usually come back to chat once they’ve moved on so you will only find negative. You cannot compare yourself to anyone else. Give PT a shot. Thank you so much Tasha. I am forever grateful to you for this program. You gave me my life back.

    Donna Hanley

    I bought the DVD quite awhile ago but I have used it only off and on because I moved and life has been crazy since I began packing and now I am still unpacking.I am 68 yrs old and I’ve had this prolapse for almost 2 years. I hope it is not too late for me.
    I have many questions and would like to know if you have a number I can call to talk to someone.

    I have been mindful of my posture for quite a few years due to having scoliosis. I wish there was a program for that too.
    As soon as I noticed substantial improvement I will gladly post my successes to encourage others My cystocele has gone from grade 2 to 3 and so now I am truly committed to using the DVD every single day. By doing the first 2 programs, about how many weeks will it take to notice any substantial improvement?
    Thank you for the encouraging post. I will let you know fer sure when I start noticing a great improvement. Thank you. Donna Marie


    Hi Donna,
    Please begin to read through the Education section to give you excellent guidance and better focus on the program. If you would like to set up a Skype visit with me – please follow the instructions in the first post within this forum and contact me through email. It is a 45 minute PT appointment and I will be able to find out what time zone you are in and set up an appointment around my clinic hours and mom duties. Looking forward to connecting!



    Taylor- all I can say is YASSS!!!

    These posts are not only good for your fellow Hab It users but for me too. It reminds me why I do this!


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