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    I developed stress incontinence after my first delivery 2 years ago. I sought help from a women’s health physio after 1 yr who helped me improve things greatly (though still don’t have 100% trustworthy bladder control!). I question if I had a rectocele after birth (much improved now) though never saw a Dr over this. I also question if my pudendal nerve was damaged as I have the SI and often don’t ‘catch’ wind in time if it comes out quickly (and do normally have to work hard to hold wind in) but again haven’t seen a Dr over this.
    I did the odd kegel during pregnancy as I had a fully functioning pelvic floor so didn’t think anymore about it, but have continued to do almost daily kegels since to try and improve things.

    My question is this…we would like another baby but I am very scared about doing more damage than I’ve already got. Did I get damaged because I hadn’t kegeled or was it just bad luck? Will continuing to kegel through a second pregnancy (which I will do anyway) protect me from further damage? Is it impossible to predict these things?

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    P.s. my delivery was natural and without complication (no forceps etc), without a long pushing phase, baby 7lb13, I’m not overweight….so no typical risk factors for stress incontinence. I did however have a second degree tear and baby came out with a hand by chin

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    Typically the damage is done on the first delivery. Our bodies have never been expanded and stretched like before and often a little arm up like that can catch on things on the way through the birth canal. Nothing that we can control.

    Please keep in mind that your multifidi and TA are of huge importance when you are talking about holding in wind, etc. You mention Kegels several times, but the other muscles of the pelvic basket are just as importance. Read through the Pelvic Basket Muscles topic within the Educate Yourself section and be sure to focus on these muscles as well as breathing with rib elevation and expansion, and holding neutral spine. All of these things are needed for 100% recovery.


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