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    Kirsteen Tares

    Hi Tasha,
    I’ve been a Hab-It user for a few years now (although not always as regularly as I’d like sadly!) and totally feel the benefit. Thanks also for this blog, which I’ve used a few times now to help keep things right when opportunities come up in life and I wonder if I can do them without damaging myself.
    So – here I am again looking for your advice.
    I’m keen to train for a triathlon, primarily to support my young son who is interested in them, but also for my own enjoyment. I already cycle and swim… but have never been a runner. I do recall years ago reading something you wrote which advised that if you’ve got prolapses, not to start running if you weren’t a runner prior to the prolapses occurring. I don’t know for sure if I’ve remembered that correctly though. So, am looking for your advice on whether or not I could/should start running and if so how best to go about it. I’m unlikely to focus much on running on pavements/ roads. I live in rural Scotland and am keen to do mostly hill running, or at least just running around the fields near me, which I assume will be less harsh on my prolapses?
    Huge thanks as always… I doubt anyone can ever explain to you how much your work and support here is appreciated.
    Kirsteen :o)

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