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    Lisa Pence

    Hi, I just turned 52 and I was diagnosed with Cystocele stage 2, a good 2 the Dr. said, this was my Birthday present, lol. At 50 on my birthday was my last menstrual cycle. I have had very bad hot flashed ever since. Anyway, 6-8 months ago I got on the ground with my 2yr old grandson and felt a pop inside of me, I Now Know this is when it prolapsed. I can feel the lump now but have no pain, no leakage. So, anyway 6 weeks ago during sex is when I then knew something was not right. I went to 2 different Dr.’s both where ready to due surgery, and / or I could get fitted with a pessary, until the prolapse progressed into the final stages. I asked their advice about exercising my PF and was advised, exercise only if it makes you feel better but it wont stop the prolapse. I did lots of reading and found your Hab-it. I have been using it everyday now for 2 weeks. I was blind sided with the news of my cystocele, I have 2 children nearly 30yrs old, 2 grandsons, I have been active all my life, my weight has never been on the husky side, I have been aware of the my posture and my stomach muscles, but I obviously neglected my PF. I will keep up the good fighting to avoid surgery. Thank You for listening, Thank You for the educational DVD’s and the thought and care you have put into your research and sharing with us. Lisa

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    Janie Wilkerson

    Lisa, I was also just diagnosed with Stage 2 bladder prolapse. It’s frightening. I’m 61. I started the Hab-it and Physical Therapy 3 weeks ago. My PT says she can get me to Stage 1. I’m working hard. I’d love or know how you are progressing.

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    Hi Janie,
    I think I’m improving, some days are better than others, meaning i don’t feel the bulge as much, I just do the work outs at home and work, I’m going to continue for 6 months and go back to the Dr. and see what he says, I have already planned to do a pessiary before getting surgery, thanks for asking, I’ll keep posting 🙂

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    Janie Wilkerson

    Lisa, I’m 4 weeks into physical therapy. Doing 150 of 3 different kegals daily. Doing the Han-it workouts daily. Also my PT prescribed Intrarosa vaginal prasterone which is a precursor to estrogen. I’ve been on it for 3 weeks. I was on bio identical vaginal estridol 3 weeks before that. When I first went to the PT she graded my pelvic strength at “zero”. Scale of 1-5. I am no at a 2 pelvic strength. Also, my bladder prolapse was graded at 2+. At the vaginal opening. Now my PT says she can’t even feel it. Most days I can’t feel it but if I am working a long day sometimes I feel a small bulge but the feeling is much higher than what I initially felt upon diagnosis. I will keep working and my PT says that where I am at now, I will improve if I keep up the program. She just gave me vaginal weights and I’m using those now. If you can get to a PT they are great at getting you better faster. The PT has worked with me using bio feedback while monitoring me while doing kegals and that has really helped me to do them correctly and get my pelvic floor to remember how to contract. Hope this helps.

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    Hi Janie,
    I am very impressed with your progress, the two Dr.’s I went to did not offer any thing but surgery. Wow, I’m so happy for you, but sad for me. Your progress is wonderful, it confirms what I believed in, exercise. I think I will have to find myself an PT . Thanks for the update 🙂

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    Janie Wilkerson

    Lisa, My Gyn also said surgery but gave me Premarin & said we will wait and see what happens in 3 months. To which I replied “Wait! wait for what” “wait for this to get worse.” I realized then and there I was going to have to take control. I went home and researched. Found out specialized PT’s can help get you started. I will have to do this the rest of my life but I’m willing given the alternative. This past week I have felt no bulge at all in my vagina. Totally normal.

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    Hi, so glad to hear from you, I am super happy to hear to don’t feel the annoying bulge. I to can report that mine is a lot better since the 16th, I was working on my PF and felt it pop up ( where it should be ) I’m super excited, for us both,I did realize too that this is a forever work out ritual , my friends friend had the surgery and 10 years later Just had her second one, she leaks now but is ok with that she is in her 70’s, I’m still researching, I don’t have a PT, I did buy some PF, weights I’ll start that next week 🙂

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    Hi ladies,
    I love the communication between your two. Women helping women, its a beautiful thing! I want to encourage you both to read through the Education section on this site – you will benefit from a deeper understanding of your body – if you even learn one new thing it will be worth your time.

    Second, lets talk about your posture. Be sure you can work your multifidi muslces both on your stomach and in standing to give you tail bone a slight lift.

    Third, examine your own breathing. Can you feel your rib cage lift and expand. Work in front of a mirror and take deep breaths in and see your ribs lifting and expanding – not your belly!

    Good luck to you. I will do my best to be more responsive 🙂


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