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    Hi Tasha,
    3.5 months postpartum now and everything is going quite well. I’m working through the 7 day advanced program, not with quite as much consistency as I’d like, but doing it, and I started running around 10 weeks pp, ramping it up since then. Everything feels fine regarding my pelvic floor, but I do have a question about pain while running that perhaps you could help with. When I run, I often feel a dull ache in my left pubic bone. It was quite strong the first time I ran (just 1.5 miles), though didn’t really leave any lingering soreness afterwards. The second and third runs, the pain was much better – still slightly present but definitely improved. I hoped it was just something that needed to strengthen up and would go away altogether on its own. Fast forward to now and it’s definitely still there. The longest run I’ve done was 6 miles, and the pain is always a dull, background-level sort of pain, but definitely something I’d like to resolve. Do you know of what could cause this, and of any exercises to address it? I’m guessing it has something to do with the pubic symphysis, as I did have pubic pain towards the end of my pregnancy which I did not experience with my first.

    The only other time I feel any similar pain down there is during certain strong plank holds, particularly if my hands are lower than my pelvis (as in the plank walkouts).

    Thanks for any insight you might have as a PT and postpartum runner.


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