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    Hi ladies! I’m wondering if any of you out there are in or have been in a similar situation as I am in regards to prolapse. When I was first diagnosed in December 2016, I had a grade 3 bladder prolapse and a mild rectocele. I had a yearly appointment last week where the doctor graded my bladder prolapse as a 2 (yay for improvement!) but the rectocele a 3. I’m wondering if I need to do more pelvic floor relaxation exercises to help improve the rectocele. Has anyone had success with that? Any other suggestions that worked for you? I’m still doing Tasha’s programs, focusing on posture, etc. I’m hopeful that the rectocele can improve as well. Thanks everyone!

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    My question to you is whether a obgyn diagnosed you or a urogynecologist? I was told by a nurse practitioner that my uterus is low, didnt give me a grade and said that is causing my urine retention problem and the rectal problems are gastric troubles, so I saw a GI, but she is hell bent on doing a colonoscopy which I feel is not needed. I am wondering if I should find another obGyn or see a urogynec.

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