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    Hi Tasha, just wondering if you recommend waiting the full year to 2 for full postpartum recovery to take place before having another pregnancy for best outcome prolapse wise on 2nd go?Or would you advise to go with pregnancy and then deal with prolapse once finished family ?
    I understand it is an individual choice but wonder if one option is better than other.
    I have all 3 prolapses between stages 1 and 2 and am currently 3 months pp after 1st. We would eventually like a 2nd if possible .
    Thank you for all support on site. Invaluable!!


    Don’t let the prolapses determine your family planning. You will find your rehab easier on subsequent pregnancies because of the knowledge you are gaining now. I had my first 2 children 2 years apart and then the 3rd 18 months later. Every rehab got easier and I know it was just my knowledge base and comfort and confidence in my body. Do everything you can for recovery now, from posture, to chest breathing when you are up and about, to pelvic basket strengthening and you will be good to go for subsequent pregnancies, when the time is right for your family!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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