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    Tasha, I am an active 63 year old. I have exchanged my running for hiking in the mountains and /bike riding. I had 2 vaginal deliveries in my early and mid 30s, large babies, long labors but no problems.I was diagnosed with a tri prolapse in January 2018, after carrying two Adirondack chairs (one at a time)…heavy but more importantly they were awkward and I wasn’t lifting/carrying correctly. I have noticed “only” a prolapse of my bladder. It bulges out more than tt should near my vaginal opening. It doesn’t hurt or interfere with
    voiding but I am working to strengthen my pelvic floor so I don’t have this problem. Also trying to use good postures during the day.
    My obgyn gave me kegel directions,working sets up to 45 per day. I found your exercises and have been doing them 4 times
    a week for a month. I am
    starting level 4 next week.
    A couple questions…
    1. At night I like to sit with my feet up and read or lay in bed and read… totally not the correct way to sit- will this interfere with my rehab?
    2.Will riding a bike encourage my bladder to prolapse?
    3. Would you recommend a
    pessary to help my bladder
    initially while doing your
    exercises and then maybe I could stop when my pelvic floor is stronger?
    4.Is there hope that I can regain a strong pelvic floor and not have a prolapse?
    Thanks for your help.


    Sounds like your focus is solid! As long as you are holding neutral spine posture throughout your day and working through the Hab It program consistently to connect with your pelvic basket muscles, then you have earned the right to relax at night and not worry about posture.

    Riding a bike puts you in a position where your tail bone is free of pressure, your chest is up, your elbows should be bent engaging your triceps and setting your shoulder blades back, and your TA will be on. Read through my Cardio topic within the Education section to see that biking is one of my favorite cardio activities for our bodies!

    #3 – I do not recommend pessaries
    #4 – yes I KNOW you can rehab your pelvic floor, give a lift to your prolapse, and be symptom free.

    You have some reading to do – get to the Education section today!



    Thanks Tasha. I’m going out for a bike ride now! I will read the education section and catch up. Thanks for all of your advice, instruction and help for so many of us!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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