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    After pregnancy i feel like my lower abdominal muscles is not propertly lined, keep having painfull gas sometimes and muscle spasms only lower but core feels strong and barely hanging on with the lower muscles and i do lots of exercises everyday i do your dvd and also i do turbulance training and every day walks. so i
    was wondering if it will get better realigned itself and stay stronger? or i am really considering to do one of those tummy tuck surgery work to align and tighten the muscles that been stretched for so long and i am at old age and my muscles are not as stronger as they use to be, what do you think about all this? not a tummy tuck just muscle issues.need some advice, i beleive in you i rely on your input, can give me something to keep me motivated?


    I am not a fan of surgery unless you have exhausted all other options. Please be sure you have been diligent with exercise and most importantly your sitting and standing posture before you go under the knife! Your posture is so important for your lower abdominal tone because we can only work out for a slice of our day, but we have a choice to “turn on ” our postural muscles the remaining 14 hours we are awake. If we don’t make this choice and we sit rolled back on our buns with our abdominals on slack or we stand leaned forward on our hip flexors with our glutes and abs turned off – then we aren’t giving our lower abdominals a chance. Make sure you are giving your body a chance to tighten up!

    By the way, I just rolled forward on my sit bones and drew in my TA as I was typing this. Thanks for the reminder!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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