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    Hey Tasha, I’m back to ask you a few questions.

    1) have you ever heard of Arvigo Massage? It’s Mayan abdominal massage. Some of my patients have been asking about it and I’ve researched it as well. Some of my fellow pelvic PT buds say they’ve had patients use it as adjunct to PT and swear by it. This practice also uses vaginal steaming which makes me laugh but lots of people say it’s amazing and super helpful for painful periods and heavy bleeding (a friend of mine is one of them but it’s touted by several celebs – like that means much, I know) Just wondering…
    2) what do you think of rowing with prolapse? With proper form of course.
    3) Sara Duvall of core solutions – she’s another women’s health PT such as yourself – teaches 360 breathing. Which is breathing into chest, ribs, belly, and back. Laying on tour back, watching chest and belly rise and mid thoracic back press into the floor. Thoughts of this vs the way you teach?
    4) any suggestions on how to get good posture while driving? The seats generally encourage PPT And forward head.

    Thank you!


    Let me start with an apology for my very late reply. School and fall sports started and I have been neck deep in running from work to school to sports 🙂
    As for Mayan massage – I am a huge fan. I wish I had magic hands that could feel that adhesions within connective tissue that deep. I don’t but these specialist can and it can be very beneficial following any c-section or abdominal surgery that can lead to adhesions.

    As far as rowing – I like it with proper form. You have to be able to stay on those sit bone and not roll back on your tail bone. The other limiting factor would be belly girth. If a deep knee bend presses your thighs against your belly, the pressure that would cause would be detrimental to your pelvic support.

    I am okay with the 360 breathing, although I would focus more on the rib cage expansion. A slight upper belly expansion with descension of the diaphragm would still act like a vacuum displacing pressure up into your expanding rib cage. The part that I coach diligently with patients is to avoid deep belly breathing where there is no attention to movement of the rib cage. Physics will show that the pressure will be drawn to the area expanding the most.

    As far as the car – my new car is horrible so I am very sensitive to this problem. My old car allowed my seat to tip, lowering my knees and lifting my hips – perfect! My new car does not dip far enough and I literally have to have my seat back straight up to not have my weight rolled back on my tail bone. I have also used a seat wedge ($25 on Amazon) for longer car trips, attempting to lift my hips higher than my knees.



    Ok thanks! Yeah I love my car but it sucks as far as posture. I’m using a beach towel right now. Haha! I’ll get a cushion soon. I appreciate your response!

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