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    Hi Tasha,

    I was diagnosed with prolapse after the birth of my second kiddo three years ago (had it after my first but didn’t know about it). I’m relatively severe — grade 3 cystocele plus more minor other prolapses with lots of continuing symptoms that I manage mostly with a pessary — ring with support, use of miralax, and lots of resting/care. I do exercise with the pessary (walking, hiking, etc…) but do your programs without it.

    Lately I went back to your initial series, after some time away, and I’m experiencing some pain around my pubic bone. In part I’m trying to prepare for a potential third pregnancy. I vaguely recall this sensation from being pregnant. I get it mostly after doing exercises like the prone heel/glute squeeze, but also when urinating. I’m wondering if it is just muscle strengthening and pulling things together, or if it is something more concerning that I should get checked out and/or if I should stop and take a break for a little while.

    Thanks for any feedback you can offer — I know it is tough since we are only in contact via cyberspace.


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    You are right, the diagnosis through subjective information only is always a bit incomplete. We can certainly talk through probable causes though.

    Per your description, you may be experiencing a little separation of your pubic bones where they meet at the pubic symphysis. If this is the case then a symmetrical exercise like the glute heel squeeze may cause a little sorness but shouldn’t be a worry. It will be the single leg work that can pull the one side of your pubic ring out of alignment and be quite painful. Take notes through your workouts and document discomfort and that can give us a deeper understanding of how your body is responding.


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    Thanks, Tasha. I’m sorry for the delay in my response — I didn’t get notice of your answer via email. It is seeming like I somehow have, in fact, irritated my pubic symphysis, which I then made worse by swimming and doing the frog kick. I’m starting to slowly get back to symmetrical exercise, though I’m worried about doing too much. I don’t remember struggling with this while I was pregnant, so it is quite a frustration now. I’m working on getting in to see a medical professional. Thanks again for your feedback and support.


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