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    Thanks again for all of your info and your wonderful attitude. I am sitting for many hours daily breastfeeding my one month old. Do you have a recommendation for the type of chair to sit in? It\’s so easy to not have good posture while nursing.

    Tasha Mulligan

    Good posture is almost impossible while breastfeeding because you want your baby to feel your relaxation…and sitting in a rigid upright position will feel a bit stiff. To be honest my best piece of advice is to allow yourself to relax during breastfeeding, but to get right back to your neutral spine positioning once you are up and moving around. The reality is that these moments, cuddling with your little one are small segments throughout your day and taking a break from your postural awareness won’t damage your pelvic floor, so you should allow yourself that special time without thinking too much.

    However, when not cuddling your little one, you want to look for a chair that will position you with your hips slightly higher than your knees. Many office chairs can raise or lower to the correct height and an appropriate sized swiss ball is also perfect. Once you achieve this positioning (which is higher than most couches and chairs) it is easy to roll forward on your 2 sit bones until you feel pressure on your pubic bone. You will notice how this frees up your tail bone from any pressure and you are now sitting on your tripod made up of your 2 sit bones and your pubic bone. With this tripod as your base, you will automatically be in neutral spine. The final steps are to draw your belly button in to engage your transversus abdominus – you will notice how this action further lifts your chest. Then finally, open up your hands so your palms arm open to the ceiling and you are in perfect posture!

    Remember – use this info for your positioning in your car, your positioning at the computer, even at dinner, but don’t over-think that special time when you are cuddling your little one!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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