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    Linda Owl

    Hey There!
    I was diagnosed with a stage 2 Cystocele 2 weeks after giving birth. When I finally quit feeling “broken” and sorry for myself I found your DVD and website and became determined to heal myself! It worked! I did your DVD about 5 times a week for 2-3 months and I was symptom free. Infact for the last 3 months I forgot I even had a prolapse! I felt normal!
    So I had been working out. Light weight lifting, cardio like the elliptical and some light jogging here and there. That was all going fine. So In an effort to boost my weight loss I decided to try the Insanity program. Phew! That dvd makes you work! But its a lot of jumping.. and high impact. I don’t think my body was ready for it. I started having excruciating lower back pain at first. Then after a week my prolapse came back. It feels just as bad if not worse this time. Ive started doing the DVD again but im just so depressed! I want to be run again and be active like I once was! I want to train for this Marathon this fall! I was almost positive I was practicing good posture (as much as you can with caring for an infant and lifing him all day). So here is my question(s)
    How does the 7 day program you offer help? How long do you need to do it before you can begin high impact excercises? How often does it need to be done (Im going to assume 7 days by the title)? I am hoping I can rehab my prolapse back to symptom free using your DVD and then I thought about purchasing the 7 day program to help get me in even better shape! I have been reading through your educaton materials (very helpful). But any help is appreciated. My other question is can spraining/injuring your lower back cause the prolapse symptoms to return? Because with the amount of back pain I am expierencing I am confident I sprained/strained my lower back. I know the mulitfidi make up part of our pelvic basket so im assuming hurting your back can have negative effects on your pelvic floor.
    One last question, any success stories with people using a chiropractor? I am going to see one today for my back! I was reading online that some people claim to have seen chiropractors that specialize in soft tissue and are able to basically put your organs back where they belong? Not sure if there is any truth to that one though!
    Thanks for taking time to answer my questions, and any tips you can offer to help me rehab my prolapse (again) and keep it that way would be appreciated! I want so badly to be active again and not feel like my insides are falling out of me!


    The 7 Day Advanced program is a stepping stone you need to get back to higher intensity activities like running or insanity. So yes it is written as a 7 Day program. What it offers is more intense strengthening of your pelvic basket, essentially priming your pelvic basket to stand up to the forces of running or plyometrics.
    Yes, straining your back will definitely effect the support of your pelvic organs. You need all parts of your pelvic basket working to provide the support for your pelvic organs. Remember, you and all of us who have experienced a prolapse have lost some of the primary support structures for our pelvic organs. Our pelvic basket is stepping in and providing a secondary support system to help out as our bodies remodel…but keep in mind they are never the same. So we always have to be aware of our posture, pelvic basket strength, and good habits.

    On the chiropractor repositioning your pelvic organs…hmmm…probably not as simple as that. Good luck – doesn’t hurt to try.



    Hi Tasha,

    Is it true that losing weight can make a prolapse worse?

    Thanks for your input!


    I would not agree with that. Losing weight should help your prolapse symptoms.


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