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    Rosie M

    Dear Tasha,
    Thank you for your wonderful resources. Your positivity has kept me optimistic during some dark days.

    My history, very briefly, I had a wonderful baby boy 19 months ago. Labour was straightforward but unfortunately I pushed on a very full bladder. I knew something was wrong immediately but didn’t get my diagnosis until about 6 months postpartum.

    I have a moderate cystocele. With the help of a physio and your DVD I have spent many months almost entirely symptom free. The bulge even felt much smaller.

    Recently, my period returned and I have now got awful symptoms again. The bulge is bigger and lower down (almost protruding when standing now). It’s not during ovulation or my actual period either, it’s constant everyday.

    I’ve just returned from a Dr’s appointment where I was advised that physio has failed me and that surgery is my only recourse (I’m only 28).

    My questions are as follows:
    1. Can you think why my prolapse has suddenly quite dramatically worsened? Does this sometimes happen and then go again? My exercises have remained consistent. I did start the advanced program but stopped because my symptoms worsened.

    2. Even when my prolapse is ‘behaving’ and symptom free it still sits just inside my vaginal opening. The bulge has got smaller but never moved up towards my cervix, does this mean I haven’t been improving anything?

    Thank you for your time and thanks again for all that you do,


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    Don’t give up on it. It sounds like there is one missing link and we have to find what it is. Your homework is the Educate Yourself section. Read through it all and assess your body as you do. The fact that you were symptom free leads me to believe that we were on the right track but with the advanced exercises, a missing piece of the puzzle was exposed. Could be your breathing, your control of your tail bone, your rectus abdominus kicking in too much with advanced exercises.

    Study my entries and study your body. Then come back and share with us your progress!!!


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    Rosie M

    Dear Tasha

    Thank you for your reply! I’m always so encouraged by you.

    I am so scared of the idea of surgery but the dr’s telling me how ‘significant’ my prolapse is really dented my confidence!

    I’ve just returned from a week long hiking holiday where I didn’t have to lift my son once and by the end of the week I am symptom free again. I made sure to stick my buns out and draw my belly button up and in! I think perhaps lifting him a lot has been my mistake (he didn’t start walking until her turned 18 months so I’ve perhaps lifted more than I should for a long time).

    I was a long distance runner prior to having my baby, now that I’m symptom free again I think I’ll start back on the advanced exercises. I will report back (hopefully with good news!)

    Thanks again!

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    Awesome Rosie! Sounds like you have a grasped a lot of the information within the Educate Yourself section. Your description of keeping your tailbone lifted and chest up while hiking is perfect!

    Do me a favor – would love for you to work through the Hab it Cardio for 2 months. I think you will learn even more about your body and will even get yourself to the point where you can pick up your son without sypmtoms. It will be yet another educational tool for you to ensure your symptoms stay away!


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    By the way – don’t even think about surgery at this point. That is a shame that anyone has even suggested that to a 28 year old who has responded well to the appropriate exercise and habits!


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    I’ve been working through the cardio work outs for about a month now and I really like the exercises! I can feel my cardio fitness improving again. My symptoms seem much reduced again too.

    I’ve read all through the Educate yourself section and feel really well informed now.

    I think I still might be missing something though. Although I’m much stronger and no symptoms now, I still really feel and see the bulge. It doesn’t seem to get smaller (so I’m not sure what’s influencing my symptoms?) I am still breastfeeding a lot but I’ve seen that cessation probably won’t make a significant difference.

    I know I should be happy that my symptoms walking around are gone but I guess physically feeling the bulge when I’m checking things is very discouraging. Especially when dr’s keep making unhelpful comments about surgery.

    I don’t know what more I can do to hel myself. I’d love a second baby but do really still feel fearful that even though I’m always conscious of my prolapse it’s not improved the way I had hoped.

    I’d love to hear some advice, I’m feeling a little down today.

    Thank you,

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    I just wanted to add that I’ve seen my woman’s physio today and she’s confirmed that my prolapse has gone from mild back to moderate.

    Although this is frustrating news, it really shows how amazing your DVD is, when I was doing that everyday I saw incredible results.

    I’m going to scale back on everything and start doing the DVD again. Although it feels like a bit of regression I suppose if it was working so well for me before I must try again.


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